LV Fuel Services Case Studies

At LV Fuel Services we’re committed to providing a broad range of fuel and fuel tank removal services across the UK. We’re proud of the quality of our services, and our customers are just as  happy.

Below are some of our most recent case studies.

Oil Tank Removal in Confined Spaces near Bedford

11.500 Litre Heating Oil Tank Decommissioning and Removal in Bedford

Oil and Metal Tank Removal from Domestic Basement in Birmingham

Heating Oil and Tank Removal at Brackley

Waste Oil and Plastic Tank Collection from Northwood HQ

Oil and Underground Tank Removal from Domestic Site at Nuneaton

Wrong Fuel In Car Recovery

Have You Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car?

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car or van, whether it be petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol car and you need wrong fuel removal then we can help.
We can help you with immediate assistance. We are able to drain all type of vehicles, vans, lorries, tractors, generators.

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