Oil Tank Replacement – Buckingham

We were contacted by a concerned customer because his existing 1350L metal oil tank started to show signs of leaking and needed replacing. These types of situations are always a priority because heating oil contaminates soil and spreads at rapid speeds.

Arriving at the site the first thing that we did was inspect the old oil tank and assess any hazards and the condition of the tank. From the outside the oil tank didn’t look very bad, but the problem was that the bottom of the tank was rusty and starting to show signs of leaking. Metal tanks like this always require extra care and very precise movements and actions. After asking the customer to turn off his boiler we transferred the oil into our holding tank. After pumping out all of the kerosene, we then  remove the fuel line connected to the tank and remove the old tank. 1350L single skin metal tanks can be lifted between two engineers and freely moved. Out with the old in with the new. Tanks like these require once in a while maintenance, just because it’s a metal tank and can start to rust over time. After installation of a new metal tank, before the fuel line is connected back to the new tank it needs to be flushed and made sure it’s clean and ready to use. Before we put any Heating oil back into the new tank we make sure that the fuel is filtered. 


 Jobs like these usually take about 3-4 hours for 2 engineers, depending on access and how the customer wants the job to be done. The customer was over the moon for the fast and precise work as we left the site clean and tidy.