Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning

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Water, sludge and microbes can develop inside your commercial or industrial fuel tank over the course of months or years, contributing to a wide range of problems that can affect your tank’s performance and safety.

In some cases, sludge and microbe buildup can contribute to a total failure of your fuel tank — a serious situation that can be challenging and expensive to repair.  As OFTEC trained fuel tank specialists, our team can check the contents of your commercial or industrial tank and, if required, carry out a full cleaning process to remove any and all water, sludge or microbes that has collected inside the tank.

Our fuel tank cleaning services are available for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. To learn more about our oil tank services, request a quote or schedule an appointment, please contact us now on 0800 799 9739.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Fuel Tank

Condensation can cause water to build up inside your commercial or industrial fuel tank over the course of several months or years. Although this is a common process, it can contribute to extra wear and tear on your fuel tank that affects its performance and shortens its useful life.

In some cases, this water buildup can cause microbes to grow inside the fuel that’s stored inside your tank. Excessive amounts of microbes can result in the filters inside your fuel tank becoming clogged, leading to issues with your building’s heating system.

It’s also possible for microbes to use up some of the fuel oil inside your tank, affecting the total amount of fuel oil that’s available to power your boiler.

Our commercial fuel tank cleaning services allow you to take quick action when water, sludge and microbes build up inside your tank, helping you avoid breakdowns, eliminate inefficiencies and save money.

Our Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning Process

As specialists in fuel tank cleaning, our OFTEC trained team can identify the buildup of water, sludge and microbes inside your commercial fuel tank. We can also complete a full cleaning process to remove any unwanted substances that can contribute to wear on your tank.

We use a range of cleaning processes to remove unwanted substances from your tank. Our team will carry out a full review and analysis before taking action, ensuring you’ll have a full risk assessment and method statement and only pay for the most cost-effective cleaning option.

After completing the cleaning process, we’ll safely dispose of any waste materials in compliance with all environmental regulations. Our entire process is planned to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day processes, allowing you to easily run your business without interruptions.

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We offer a complete range of fuel tank services for businesses and organisations of all sizes, from inspection, maintenance and cleaning to tank decommissioning and removal. Our entire team is OFTEC trained, with our business ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certified.

To request a quote, schedule an appointment or learn more about our commercial fuel tank cleaning services, please contact us now on 0800 799 9739.

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