Soil Sampling and Contaminated Waste Removal

Over time, it’s possible for the contents of your oil tank to leak into the surrounding soil, leading to contamination of your residential, commercial or industrial site.

Our soil sampling and contaminated waste removal services make detecting and getting rid of contaminated oil or fuel a simple, stress-free process. Using modern, highly accurate tools and noninvasive methods, our OFTEC trained team can efficiently locate contamination.

Whether you need routine testing every six months or year, or simply want your soil sampled as part of a tank removal, we’re here to help. Our efficient service can help you find leaks and other issues as they develop, helping you avoid the cost of soil remediation.

We can also safely remove and dispose of any contaminated waste on your site, from used oil to contents of your underground oil tank affected by water or microbes.

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Our Soil Sampling and Waste Removal Services

We offer a complete range of soil sampling and waste removal services. If your soil has been contaminated due to a fuel tank leak, we can also remove and reprocess the soil to remove any substances that could affect the health and safety of people on your property or site.

Soil Sampling

Over time, it’s possible for corrosion to affect your underground oil tank, causing its contents to potentially leak out into the surrounding area. Through soil sampling, our experienced team can detect material that’s leaked out from your underground tank.

In addition to locating leaks, our soil sampling service can help you assess your tank’s long-term viability. If we detect a significant number of factors that affect corrosion and wear, our team may recommend decommissioning and removing or replacing your underground oil tank.

We can sample soil from any location on your commercial or industrial site, including areas that have been built on top of or covered by driveways or parking areas, all with minimal disruption to your site.

Soil Removal and Reprocessing

If your home, commercial or industrial site’s soil has been contaminated, we can organise soil removal and reprocessing according to all environmental agency regulations. We’ll inform you about the necessity of removal and reprocessing after carrying out the soil sampling process.

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Contaminated Waste Removal Services

If oil has spilled or leaked from your tank into its surroundings, it’s essential that it’s thoroughly cleaned by an experienced, certified team to avoid it seeping into the ground and affecting the safety of your site.

As professionals in oil and contaminated waste removal, we can respond quickly in the event that you’ve detected an oil leak or spill. We work efficiently and in compliance with all environmental regulations to ensure any spilled oil is fully cleaned up, without any remaining hazards.

After removing oil and other fuel contamination from your site, our team can use soil sampling to ensure that all hazardous materials have been fully removed from your site’s soil.

In additional to removing excess fuel or oil from leaks, our team can remove and dispose of oil left over in defunct oil tanks and waste oil containers. Working with our recycling partners, we can recycle and dispose of your oil in full compliance with all environmental laws.

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