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Waste and Redundant Heating Oil Removal, Disposal, Collection

Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Do you need to dispose of waste oil? If your waste oil tank is nearing capacity, our experienced team is here to help. We can collect and safely dispose of all types of waste oil, with a complete recycling service to minimise your environmental impact.

Over time, it’s normal for waste oil to build up inside your tank. We can collect and dispose of all types of oil in full compliance with environmental regulations. We can also safely and efficiently remove any unused and/or contaminated fuels from your commercial or residential fuel tank.

We also offer oil drainage services for commercial oil tanks, whether as part of a complete tank decommissioning process or to remove contaminants. Our services are available for domestic customers, as well as owners or operators of commercial and industrial sites.

To learn more about our waste oil removal services, please keep reading below. You can also contact us now on 0800 799 9739 to speak to a member of our team to request a quote or set up an appointment with our OFTEC trained technicians.

Our Waste Oil Removal Services

We offer a complete range of waste oil removal services for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes.

Removal of Heating Oil and Contaminated Heating Oil

We can safely and efficiently remove any unused and/or contaminated oil from your domestic or commercial fuel tank. Oil and fuel types we can remove gas oil, diesel, red diesel and kerosene.

We offer heating oil removal as an individual service or as part of a full heating oil tank removal and decommissioning process. After removing the extra oil, our team can clean your tank, start the decommissioning process or, if required, even remove the oil tank from your premises.

Our experienced team will pump your domestic or commercial fuel tank completely empty and provide you with a consignment note. We’ll remove any quantities, whether or unused oil or of materials contaminated with water, sludge, microbes or other particles.

Removal of Waste Oil

If your waste oil tank is filling up quickly and nearing its capacity, it’s important that you have it fully drained. We offer a professional waste oil removal service that allows you to easily empty your commercial waste oil tank, all with minimal inconvenience.

After we receive your call, our experienced team will travel to your commercial or industrial site to inspect your waste oil tank. We’ll drain the tank, safely storing the excess waste oil inside a safe, secure oil storage tank.

Once we’ve fully drained your waste oil tank, our team will dispose of your waste oil through an environmentally friendly process. Our eco-friendly oil recycling service often allows some or all of your waste oil to be filtered, cleaned and re-used for a variety of purposes.

The end result is an empty, ready-to-use waste oil tank on your commercial or industrial site, all with minimal impact to the environment.

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When you need your waste oil drained and disposed of, we’re here to help. To request a quote, schedule an appointment for your business or organisation, or simply learn more about how we can help you, please contact us now on 0800 799 9739.