♻ We have a zero-waste policy – 100% of our waste is recycled. ♻

Fuel Tank Installation, Cleaning & Removal

We provide professional and responsible fuel tank services at competitive prices. We use only the safest and environmentally friendly methods and our expert team are trained to Government regulation.

Welcome to LV Fuel Services

At LV Fuel and tank services we offer a wide range of professional tank services for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic customers.
These include tank installation, removal, cleaning and disposal. We provide these services for a range of tanks from fuel, water, oil and any other tanks.

Our company philosophy of maintaining a safe working environment whilst striving to keep the properties we’re working in as clean as possible whilst causing as little disruption as possible has helped us to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every job we have undertaken.

Specialist Fuel Tank Services

Fuel Tank Removal

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Installation and Replacement

What We Specialise in

Tank Decommissioning

If your domestic or commercial oil..

Underground Tank Removal and Decommissioning

Do you have a defunct fuel tank that needs to be removed? ..

Heating Oil Tank Hire

Whether you’re replacing an old..

Soil Sampling and Contaminated Waste Removal

Over time, it’s possible for the contents of your oil tank to leak into the surrounding soil, leading to contamination of your residential, …

Gas Oil, Diesel and Kerosene Polishing and Filtering

We offer fuel polishing services for a range ..

Waste and Redundant Heating Oil Removal, Disposal, Collection

Do you need to dispose of waste oil? If your waste oil ..

Heating Oil Tank Relocation

There are numerous cases in which..

Water removal from oil tanks

Over time heating oil tanks accumulate condensate water…

Fuel Tank Foam or Concrete Filling

Over time, your home’s or commercial site’s fuel tank can…..

Heating Oil Tank Inspection and Maintenance

Your home or commercial property’s..

Heating Oil Transfers

Do you need to relocate heating..

Residential and commercial flooded basement water removal

Flood water removals – During large rainfalls, ..

Why LV Fuel Services?

Our team has many years’ total experience in a wide range of fuel and oil removal services. We know how complex removing storage tanks can be. We understand the risks of work with hazardous services. We try to make the process as easy as possible for you.