Fuel and Oil Tank Disposal and Recycling

Do you have an old, unused fuel tank that needs to be removed? Whether you’re replacing your old oil tank with a new one or switching from oil-based heating to an alternative fuel source, our experienced team is here to help.


Why You May Need To Get Your Domestic Oil Tank Removed?

There are many reasons why your domestic oil tank may no longer be needed, or perhaps you need it removed for certain reasons.

  • Upgrading Heating Systems:
    Removal of a domestic oil tank may be necessary when homeowners choose to upgrade their heating systems, transitioning to more efficient or environmentally friendly alternatives such as gas or electric heating.
  • Oil tank Deterioration:
    Over time, oil tanks can deteriorate due to corrosion or wear, posing environmental and safety risks. Removal becomes essential to prevent leaks, contamination, and potential hazards.
  • Property Renovations:
    During home renovations or construction projects, oil tanks may need to be removed to accommodate changes in property layout or comply with building regulations, ensuring a seamless and compliant transition for homeowners.

At LV Fuel Services we are trained in removal, disposal and recycling of old oil tanks from domestic properties. You can count on us to safely and efficiently remove an oil tank from your property.

Do You Need Oil Tank Removal And Disposal Services?

It is best to seek professional help when it comes to removing any oil tanks from your property. This is because the oil tanks can contain dangerous heating oil and can only be removed by oil tank specialists.

LV Fuel Services’ oil tank experts are equipped to handle hazardous materials, minimising the risk of accidents and exposure. Compliance with regulations and environmental standards is ensured, preventing legal repercussions. With technical expertise, efficient processes, and insurance coverage, professionals offer a secure and streamlined removal experience compared to the complexities and risks associated with a DIY approach.


What Is The Domestic Oil Tank Removal Process?

The process of removing a domestic oil tank involves a systematic approach to ensure both safety and environmental responsibility.
Here, we outline the key steps in the professional domestic oil tank removal process, from initial assessment to proper disposal, safeguarding your property and the environment throughout.

Domestic Oil Tank Assessment

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the domestic oil tank’s condition, checking for structural integrity, potential leaks, and environmental risks.

Heating Oil – Safe Draining

Once assessed, the oil tank is safely drained of any remaining heating oil to minimise environmental impact and ensure safe handling during the removal process.

Professional Oil Tank Removal

Trained technicians use specialised equipment to professionally remove the oil tank, adhering to safety protocols, environmental regulations, and ensuring the efficient and secure handling of hazardous materials.

Oil Tank Disposal And Recycling

The final step involves the proper disposal of the oil tank and any associated waste in accordance with environmental standards, ensuring minimal impact on the surroundings. In our commitment to environmental sustainability, when applicable, we prioritise recycling the oil tank materials to further reduce the ecological footprint, contributing to responsible and eco-friendly oil and fuel tank management practices.

Underground Oil Tank Removal

Many domestic heating oil tanks are installed below ground. Our oil tank removal process starts with an understanding of your requirements. Our team will visit your site, review the oil tank’s usage history and put together a comprehensive plan for its removal.

Next, we’ll choose the most efficient, cost-effective method for removing your unused oil tank. Our process involves thoroughly cleaning the old, unused tank to dispose of any remaining contents
before removal.

In some cases, our team might need to cut your existing oil tank into several pieces for a complete and safe removal. For safety reasons, we use cold cutting and spark-free tools to complete this

Recycling Of Your Domestic Oil Tank

We recycle 100% of the plastic oil tanks we remove from domestic sites. Depending on the type of heating oil tank that’s installed on your property, we may be able to recycle a large amount of its materials through our trusted recycling partners.

Following the tank removal process, we provide a certificate of disposal and other documents for your property.

Why Choose LV Fuel Services For Your Domestic Oil Tank Removal And Disposal

As professionals in domestic oil tank removal, we’ve removed, relocated and/or replaced a range of domestic oil tanks. From underground tanks to above ground tank installations, our OFTEC trained team can safely and efficiently remove and dispose of any domestic oil tanks from your property.

Our friendly team will be in contact with you prior to visiting your property, to understand a bit more about the oil tank and prepare before they arrive to remove the tank.
Get in touch with our team today to get a quote and find out more.

Oil and Fuel Tank Services from LV Fuel Services

We also offer a range of additional oil tank services, such as the installation or replacement of an oil tank, oil relocation from tank to tank, tank cleaning and decommissioning, removal of piping and
other parts and more.

Commercial Oil Tank Removal and Disposal Services

Not only do we offer professional oil tank removal and disposal services for domestic properties, we can also provide this service for oil tanks used for commercial purposes.
Our commercial oil tank removal and disposal process can be carried out to ensure that there is little to no disruption to day to day activity within the business.

Oil tank removal and disposal
Oil tank removal and disposal