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Domestic Fuel Tank Removal

Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Do you have an old, unused fuel tank that needs to be removed? Whether you’re replacing your old oil tank with a new one or switching from oil-based heating to an alternative fuel source, our experienced team is here to help.

As specialists in tank removal, we’ve removed, relocated and/or replaced a range of domestic oil tanks. From underground tanks to above ground tank installations, our OFTEC trained team can safely and efficiently remove any oil tank from your property.

We also offer a range of additional oil tank services, such as the installation of a replacement oil tank, oil relocation from tank to tank, tank cleaning and decommissioning, removal of piping and other parts and more.

Would you like to talk to a member of our team? To request a quote, schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help you with any oil tank removal task, please contact us now on 0800 799 9739.

Our Domestic Oil Tank Removal Services

We offer a wide range of options for domestic heating oil tank removal. Before removing your oil tank, our team will assess your case and use the most cost-effective approach for your domestic property.

Underground Tank Removal

Many domestic heating oil tanks are installed below ground. Our removal process starts with an understanding of your requirements. Our team will visit your site, review the tank’s usage history and put together a comprehensive plan for its removal.

Next, we’ll choose the most efficient, cost-effective method for removing your unused tank. Our process involves thoroughly cleaning the old, unused tank to dispose of any remaining contents before removal.

In some cases, our team might need to cut your existing tank into several pieces for a complete and safe removal. For safety reasons, we use cold cutting and spark-free tools to complete this process.

We recycle 100% of the plastic oil tanks we remove from domestic sites. Depending on the type of heating oil tank that’s installed on your property, we may be able to recycle a large amount of its materials through our trusted recycling partners.

Following the tank removal process, we can provide a gas free certificate, certificate of disposal and other documents for your property.

Tank Replacement

Typically, domestic oil tanks have a maximum lifetime of 10 years. If your home’s oil tank is at or nearing the end of its functional lifespan, our team can remove and replace it with a completely new heating oil tank.

In addition to replacing your tank, we can reposition and relocate your domestic heating oil tank on your site. As always, our OFTEC trained team will review your needs before beginning work and recommend the most efficient, cost-effective approach.

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Whether your oil tank needs to be replaced or simply removed from your property, we’re here to help. To request a quote, schedule an appointment or simply to learn more about our domestic oil tank removal services, please contact us now on 0800 799 9739.