Domestic Fuel & Oil Tank Removal Carlisle

Whether you are replacing an old oil tank with a new one or switching from oil-based heating to an alternative fuel source, LV Fuel’s domestic fuel and oil tank removal Carlisle service is here to help.

Fuel & Oil Tank Specialists

Our OFTEC trained team have years of experience in removing, relocating and replacing a wide range of domestic fuel tanks. Our team have safely and efficiently removed countless oil tanks, stored both overground and underground.

Our Domestic Heating Oil Tank Removal Services in Carlisle

Is it time to get your home oil tank removed? There are many reasons why your oil tank may need removing, including upgrading your heating system, or renovating the property.

When it comes to removing your home oil tank, there are a number of possible routes available to you, we offer all parts of the domestic oil tank removal, leaving the removal completely down to us and our team. Whether you have a full oil tank that needs draining and then removing, or whether you have an old out of action oil tank that you need to get rid of.

Before attending to remove your old oil or fuel tank, our team will review your requirements and find as straightforward and cost-effective an approach for you as possible.

Underground domestic oil tank removal in Carlisle

Most domestic heating oil tanks are usually kept underground. This is not always the case, however, which is why our domestic fuel tank removal in Carlisle usually begins by visiting the site. Here, we will analyse the tank’s usage history and put together a plan for its removal with your requirements in mind.

Like all of our services, this will be carried out in a way that is both simple and cost-effective. The first stage of our removal service generally involves cleaning out the remaining contents of the old tank and then removing it.

Oil tank disposal and recycling in Carlisle

Whilst most tanks can be removed in one piece, in some cases it will need to be cut down. Should this need to be done, our team will use cold cutting and spark-free tools to ensure safety throughout the service. Once removed, we will make sure that your tank is recycled. We also recycle large amounts of other materials, including oil recycling and waste oil recycling, throughout the service with our trusted recycling partners where possible.

Once the removal service has been completed, you will be provided with a gas free certificate, certificate of disposal and other documents.

Oil tank replacement Carlisle

We are able to carry out your domestic fuel tank removal in Carlisle, followed by an oil tank replacement,  should it be at or nearing the end of its functional lifespan. As a rule of thumb, oil tanks usually have a maximum lifetime of around 10 years. Beyond removing and replacing your fuel or oil tank, our team are also able to reposition and relocate your tank. This option will, however, be discussed with you after visiting the site and discussing your available options.

Beyond domestic fuel tank removal in Carlisle

Aside from our domestic fuel tank removal in Carlisle, we are also able to provide a variety of other oil tank services. Here are just some of the services LV Fuel have to offer:

Get in touch to start your domestic oil tank removal in Carlisle

To talk to us about your domestic oil tank removal in Carlisle or anything else, call us on 0800 799 9739 and one of our team will go through your requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.

Our services are also available out of normal business hours and weekends in case of emergencies such as Heating Oil Tank and associated pipework leaks. Use the same phone number and leave a message. It is a line we monitor. In case of such accidents it is vitally important to react as quickly and as decisively and as soon as possible to avoid costly environmental cleanup costs and potential fines. We are well-experienced in this field and can advise you what to do while we are on the way and we have all the equipment to safely attend to the site.

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