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Domestic Fuel Tank Cleaning

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Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Over time, water, sludge and microbes can build up inside your home’s oil tank, causing a range of potential problems. Keeping your oil tank clean is an important way to make sure it work as it should, all while avoiding a variety of problems.

If your home’s oil tank goes uncleaned for too long, it can even lead to a complete failure of your heating system.

Cleaning your oil tank is no easy feat. It’s also a potential safety hazard if you’re not a qualified technician. Our experienced team specialises in oil tank cleaning, letting you thoroughly clean your home’s tank to the highest standards.

As ISO 9001 certified oil tank specialists we’re here to make keeping your home’s oil tank clean a simple process. To learn more about our oil tank cleaning services or to book an appointment, please continue reading below or contact us now on 0800 799 9739.

Why Cleaning Your Fuel Tank is Important

Over time, it’s normal for water to build up inside your home’s heating oil tank. Part of this is the result of condensation — over time, the difference in temperature between your home’s oil tank and its surroundings can cause the amount of water inside to increase.

When the water from condensation combines with the fuel oil stored inside your tank, it can lead to the growth of microbes. Over time, these microbes can clog filters and block the flow of oil out of your tank, causing your home’s heating system to fail.

Microbes can also consume the fuel oil stored in your tank, increasing your energy consumption and making your boiler less efficient.

Instead of dealing with costly repairs from a system failure, it’s far better to keep your oil tank in good condition through regular cleaning. Not only can this save you money — it also helps you to avoid the stress, frustration and inconvenience that can stem from a damaged boiler.

Our Domestic Fuel Tank Cleaning Process

As ISO 9001 certified, OFTEC trained oil tank specialists, our team can efficiently and safely clean your home’s oil tank, removing water, sludge and microbes that can contribute to wear and system failure.

Depending on the type of oil tank you have and the amount of cleaning required, we can use one of several different cleaning processes.

If your home’s oil tank has a buildup of water but doesn’t appear to have significant microbes, we can pump the excess water out of the bottom of the tank, restoring a normal oil level and allowing your tank and heating system to function as it should.

If your home’s oil tank has a significant water, sludge and microbe content, we can drain the entire contents of the tank into a storage tank. After cleaning the oil tank, we can fill your tank back up with the remaining clean, usable oil.

After a thorough cleaning, your tank and heating system will operate as efficiently as possible, helping you enjoy more reliable, effective heating.

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