Dealing with an Oil Tank Emergency?

When emergencies strike, LV Fuel Services is here even on weekends! 🚨

This past Sunday, a customer reached out in dire need. Their heating oil tank was leaking, and time was of the essence. Our dedicated engineer swiftly arrived on the scene and pumped the oil into a holding tank right on-site. Crisis averted!

As a leading oil delivery company serving all of the UK, we at LV Fuel Services understand that problems with your domestic heating oil tank can arise at any time. We consider it part of our responsibility and commitment to our customers to provide emergency assistance when you need it – even on evenings, weekends and holidays. Our team is available 24/7 to take your call or respond to your email as soon as possible.

If you discover a leak or other issue with your oil storage tank, prompt action is required. A small leak can quickly become a large spill, potentially releasing thousands of liters of heating oil into the surrounding environment. Not only can this destroy your property and contaminate soil and groundwater, but you may be liable for very high costs for hazardous materials cleanup and remediation. Even minor spills must be properly handled to comply with environmental regulations.

At LV Fuel Services, we make it a priority to offer emergency service when you need oil tank repairs, replacement or removal. Our technicians are available nights and weekends to assess the situation and take appropriate action. Whether it’s a straightforward fix, tank swap, or full system cleanup – we have the experience, equipment and certifications to get the job done right.

Listening Carefully to Understand Your Specific Needs

We know every customer’s situation is unique when it comes to oil tank issues. Our first step is to listen carefully to you describe the problem and details of your tank system. This allows us to understand important factors like:

  • Type and extent of the leak
  • Age and condition of existing tank
  • Location on your property
  • Terrain and accessibility
  • Environmental factors
  • Your timeframe and scheduling needs

By taking the time to listen and ask questions up front, we can develop the optimal emergency response plan for your requirements. We can then mobilize the necessary crew and equipment to minimize downtime.

Taking Swift Action to Stop Leaks

Once onsite, our technicians act swiftly and professionally to stop any active leaks and prevent further oil escaping from the damaged tank. We use proven methods to safely contain and absorb surface spills while starting necessary repairs or arrangements for tank removal. Speed is of the essence, but safety is still our top concern.

For major leaks or when a tank cannot be salvaged, full removal and replacement is usually required. We are fully licensed and equipped for proper disposal of old tanks and can install a new, modern replacement tank to restore your system to working order. Any surrounding soil contamination gets remediated in compliance with Environmental Agency guidelines.

Our goal is to contain the incident, fix the problems, and ensure the environment is protected. We keep you informed throughout the process and provide full documentation after addressing the emergency.

Monitoring Communications for Fast Response

To enable rapid around-the-clock emergency service, LV Fuel Services maintains constant vigilance on our phone and email communications. We closely monitor our 24/7 hotline as well as our general phone and email contacts. Any time we detect an emergency message, we notify staff immediately so they can reach out to you ASAP.

We also have an on-call roster of key personnel willing to assist with emergencies anytime they arise. This ensures someone is always available to take your call and dispatch assistance no matter the day or hour. Our entire team understands the time-sensitive nature of oil tank leaks and damage. We make it a point of pride to provide trustworthy emergency help when you need it most.

Reliable Help Just a Call or Click Away

Dealing with a leaking or faulty oil tank can be stressful, but LV Fuel Services has the skills, experience and availability to simplify the process for you. Our capable team is here to listen, assess and take action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just reach out by phone or email and we will respond quickly to resolve your oil tank emergency. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency services or to request assistance. Your property, family and the environment will thank you!