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LV FUEL & Oil Tank Services

Nationwide, for over 25 years, we have been providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for oil tank cleaning, oil tank removal, and oil tank disposal. Our fuel and oil tank services cover a wide range of needs, including petrol or diesel tank cleaning, oil tank cleaning, as well as the removal and disposal of oil, diesel and petrol tanks. Trust us for safe oil and fuel tank services that meet your requirements.

Environmental Care

Our top priority is to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations. To achieve this, we operate our own certified waste recycling processes. Trust our team to manage waste while maintaining strict adherence to industry regulations at competitive prices

♻ We have a zero-waste policy ♻

♻ 100% of our waste is recycled ♻

Accreditations and Safety

As a leading specialist in commercial oil and fuel tank services, we bring over 20 years of experience to the table. Our top priority is safety and we hold several industry accreditations, including CHAS. With our experienced safety team, we meticulously create RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) safety documents of work before every commercial fuel tank services project we undertake.



At LV Fuel and Oil Tank Services, we specialise in providing comprehensive oil and fuel tank solutions for homeowners and businesses alike.

Our friendly and professional team provide oil and fuel tank services including oil tank installations, oil tank removals, oil tank cleaning, oil tank decommissioning, recycling and environmentally responsible disposal.

We genuinely pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service.

Our oil and fuel tank services cover a wide array of tanks and tank contents that include heating oil fuel, water, diesel, kerosene, oil and more.


For DOMESTIC customers, we offer the full range of fuel and oil tank tank services that include TANK INSTALLS AND REPLACEMENT,  inspections, REMOVALCLEANING AND DISPOSAL FOR FUEL, water and oil tanks.

Our long experience and technical expertise ensures a smooth, hassle-free process. 

We also pride ourselves on our polite, friendly customer service and are always happy to talk you through your options and their costs.

With our round-the-clock availability, we ensure prompt and reliable assistance, even during emergencies.  Experience our rapid response for all of your EMERGENCY HEATING OIL AND DELIVERY TANK NEEDS, 24/7


Serving domestic oil and fuel tank customers is our bread and butter. We’re really good at it!

We work all over the country serving properties of all sizes, presenting all kinds of little challenges.

From the moment you contact us, you’ll find us friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and professional.

Installing or replacing  domestic oil or fuel tank is something people do rarely and it’s important to get it right because you live with the results and the tank for years to come. So it’s important to start by chosing the right team to do the job.

Our focus is on safety, environmental stewardship and friendly professionalism.

Contact us by email, quote request or phone to start the process that will give you peace of mind at competitive prices.



I needed my old redundant oil tank emptying and removed (having switched to an electric boiler), I phoned LV Fuel and Oil Services and I was given all the information I needed as to how much it would cost me and what would be involved for it’s removal. I only waited a week and they were able to remove my old oil tank and drain off the old heating oil. The process only took a couple of hours, I was very happy with the result and no mess was left behind. All communications with LV Fuels, by email and phone, were excellent. Recommended.

Daren Richardson, Satisfied customer

Oil Tank Removals

Learn more about our domestic oil tank removal services. It is more than the simple process of us picking it up and you saying goodbye to it. We take care of the whole process with particular consideration on all the environmental aspects. Find out more.



Oil Tank Installations

There is a lot more to installing a fuel or oil tank on your property than simply dropping it somewhere in the garden and hoping for the best! Find out what goes in to the oil tank installation process and how we manage the project from start to finish.



Commercial Oil & Fuel Tank Services

For COMMERCIAL customers, our long experience with large-scale, complex fuel and oil tank services from INSTALLATIONS TO REMOVALS to FOAM FILLING and decommissioning, making us uniquely qualified to handle any job.

And our industry accredited, seasoned technical team focuses on prioritising safety and cleanliness in every project. Striving to maintain a safe working environment while minimising disruptions.

So whether you require residential oil or fuel tank servicing as a homeowner or customised fuel tank solutions for your business, LV Fuel and Tank Services has the knowledge and dedication to meet your needs.



We were highy impressed at the quick response and competitive quote and the professionalism from the initial Risk Assessment to the final project sign off.

John Williams, Satisfied client

Our commercial team loves challenges. We have years of commercial experience, there are very few types of oil and fuel tank project that we haven’t seen before.

With many years experience we have probably covered every type of commercial oil tank project there is. Installations, removals, decommisssioning, foam filling, inspections and more.

Oil Tank Removals

Find out more about how we execute commercial oil and fuel tank removals, applying our years of professional experience.

Oil and Fuel tank removals are not done frequently and it is vitally important to pay close attention to the planning, process and final project execution.

Our experienced, certified team begin your project with a thorough risk assessment method statement that everybody is aware of and has signed off. Only then do we proceed in a methodical, well-planned project delivery phase.

Oil Tank Cleaning

It is vitally important to keep commercial oil and fuel tanks as clean as possible.

Do this for reasons of commercial efficiency, to avoid downtime, responsible environmental stewardship, compliance with regulations and good commercial practice.



Petra KPetra K
12:57 25 Sep 23
Brilliant service. I was crazy panicking that I killed the car, but was reassured that the engineer will do their best - and they did. I dreaded the news but the car is running fine, despite me having driven off with 5litres of wrong fuel. They were on time and it didn't take them long to fix it. I'm so relieved, I'm in a shock, can't believe my luck. Thank you 🤗
John AtkinsJohn Atkins
10:58 22 Sep 23
Absolutely brilliant service. Great communication while waiting. Very professional behaviour on roadside, nothing too much trouble. Would thoroughly recommend this service.
Alana BlackAlana Black
17:32 19 Sep 23
Excellent service! Highly recommend
Daren RichardsonDaren Richardson
15:29 01 Sep 23
I needed my old redundant oil tank emptying and removed (having switched to an electric boiler), I phoned LV Fuel and Oil Services and I was given all the information I needed as to how much it would cost me and what would be involved for it's removal. I only waited a week and they were able to remove my old oil tank and drain off the old heating oil. The process only took a couple of hours, I was very happy with the result and no mess was left behind. All communications with LV Fuels, by email and phone, were excellent.Recommended.
09:24 01 Sep 23
I can’t thank Scott and the team for above and beyond customer service. They worked swiftly to help out, and offered a very cost effective solution for my failed oil tank. Don’t often get such genuine help these days, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Thanks again! 🙏🏼
John PayneJohn Payne
15:18 26 Aug 23
I was hugely impressed by the speed of response to my request for removing an unwanted oil tank and pumping out the remaining fuel. I was kept in touch with the progres of the engineer to my address and the engineer was extremely courteous and helpful when he arrived. The whole process took just five days and the cost was very competitive.
Clare PowellClare Powell
17:39 22 May 23
Amazing company to deal with. So professional, alongside a very personal experience. Scott has cutomer relations in bucket loads. So glad to have found such a lovely firm. Would recommend in a heartbeat. Thank you L V Services.(We had a 2500 oil tank removed & a 1230 to replace it.)

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