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Fuel and Oil Tank Installation and Replacement

If your fuel or oil tank is nearing the end of its useful lifespan, we’re here to help. We’re conveniently located to provide fuel and oil tank services for your needs in Buckingham.
We offer a complete fuel tank replacement service that covers everything from removing your existing oil or fuel tank and safely disposing of its contents, to installing a replacement of your tank.

Fuel or Oil Tank Replacement

Over time, your oil or fuel tank can become worn out, leaving you with a heating system that doesn’t work as well as it should. On average, most oil or fuel tanks last for 10 years of use, meaning that you’ll likely need to replace your tank at some point.

Oil Tank Installation or Replacement Process

Initial Assessment and Planning:
Our experts begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your site, taking into account your heating requirements and local regulations.

Tank Selection and Sizing:
We help you select the most suitable oil tank for your needs, considering factors such as capacity, material, and compliance with local regulations.

Site Preparation:
Preparing the installation site is a crucial step in achieving a stable foundation for your oil tank. Our technicians clear the area of any obstructions and ensure a level surface.

Foundation Construction:
To ensure the longevity and stability of your oil tank, our skilled professionals construct a strong foundation. Depending on your tank type and local regulations, we utilize methods such as concrete pad or precast concrete base construction.

Vent and Fill Pipe Installation:
We handle the installation of vent and fill pipes, essential for the safe operation of your oil tank. Our team ensures compliance with local regulations and ensuring secure connections to prevent any leaks.

Connection of Fuel Lines and Fittings:
Our technicians expertly connect the fuel lines from the tank to your heating system. We utilize approved fittings, valves, and pipes specifically designed for fuel oil use.

Tank Securement and Safety Checks:
Once the installation is complete, we take the necessary precautions to secure your oil tank to the foundation. Our team uses approved straps or anchors to ensure stability. We conduct thorough safety checks, meticulously inspecting for any leaks, loose connections, or potential hazards.

Experienced ISO 9001 and PAS 43 Certified

As an experienced, ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certified business, we’re here to make replacing fuel or oil tanks as stress-free as possible. To find out more about our fuel and oil tank installation and replacement services in the Buckingham area, please continue reading below or contact us on 0800 799 9739

Fuel or Oil Tank Replacement Process

Replacing your oil or fuel tank is a complicated process, meaning it’s always best to call in our expert team which is located in your area near Buckingham.
Our oil and fuel tank replacement process involves several steps.
From viewing your oil or fuel tank 
and working out the best removal approach, to draining hazardous materials and more.

Hazardous Materials – Oil or Fuel Removal

Our removal process begins with removing any remaining kerosene or gas oil from your oil or fuel tank.
Even if your tank’s fuel gauge indicates that it’s empty, it’s still likely that there is remaining fuel oil inside the tank that could pose a safety risk if it’s not properly removed.

Before we remove your old fuel or oil tank, our OFTEC trained team will thoroughly clean the tank in order to ensure that any and all flammable, environmentally-hazardous materials are removed before removal work begins.

Fuel and Oil Tank Removal Process

Once we’ve safely removed and disposed of any hazardous materials that were inside your old fuel or oil tank, we’ll start the removal process.

Depending on the location of your oil or fuel tank, our team will either remove it using an excavator or mounted crane, or using a more specialised technique.

If your oil or fuel tank is installed in a location that’s difficult to access, our technicians might need to safely and carefully cut it into pieces to remove it with minimal disruption to your property.

For safety reasons, our team will complete this process using cold cutting techniques and safe, spark-free tools.

After your fuel or oil tank has been removed from your property, we’ll provide it to our trusted recycling partner. Instead of being wasted, your old oil tank will be put through an environmentally-friendly recycling process, allowing its raw materials to be put back to use.

What We Specialise in

Tank Decommissioning

Fuel tank foam or concrete filling

Heating oil tank inspection and maintenance

Heating oil transfers

Heating oil tank relocation

Waste and redundnt Heating oil removal, disposal, collection

Soil sampling and contaminated soil removal

Fuel tank foam or concrete filling

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We conveniently provide our entire range of rapid commercial and domestic Fuel and Oil Tank Services in our local area. Whether you need a new oil  tank, an old tank removed, a tank inspection, a tank decommissioned or a tank foam filled. Our local Domestic and Commercial Services are rapid, professional and competively priced. Drop us a line to let us know your requirements and get a quote.

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