Large Oil Tank Removal


We received a request to attend a site to remove a 24000L oil tank and the fuel lines supplying a filler tank located 50m away.

The tank was raised on a brick pillar base.

The client was worried about environmental risks and the tank’s age, prompting them to take proactive measures to comply with regulations and ensure site safety.

Due to the tank’s size and the fuel lines’ complexity, we conducted a site survey to assess logistics, such as access routes, hazards, and necessary personnel and equipment. Subsequently, we developed a detailed plan for the removal process, including acquiring permits and arranging safe oil and tank disposal while adhering to environmental and safety regulations. We also developed strategies to mitigate potential risks by containing spills and leaks.

The actual removal process took multiple days, where we prioritized safety and carefully drained and cleaned the tank before disconnecting the fuel lines. We then inspected the area for signs of contamination or leakage before proceeding to remove the fuel lines. Proper disposal of the materials was arranged by collaborating with licensed waste management companies.

Throughout the project, we maintained clear communication with the client, providing progress updates and offering preventative advice, such as regular inspections and maintenance.

Overall, removing large heating oil tanks is a challenging and intricate project requiring careful planning and execution. Our team possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete such projects safely and efficiently while minimizing the client’s operation disruptions. We take pride in assisting clients to proactively safeguard their sites and the environment and look forward to helping others in similar situations.

Oil tank

The tank and fuel lines were drained down of fuel and decommissioned the tank. We then used a local haulage company to lift out the tank and return it to our yard for cutting up.

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