Oil Tank Removal – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Client contacted us and asked for our help. Customer explained the situation and he wanted to have his old oil tank removed because it didn’t meet the current OFTEC regulations and was in the way. After discussing with the client we came up with a solution that would satisfy both sides. 

 After arrival on the site, we checked the condition of the heating oil and made sure that there is no water or sludge. After making sure that the heating oil is good, we asked the client to turn off his boiler. Next we pumped out the oil into  our holding tanks and then disconnected the fuel line connected to the tank. Empty single skin plastic tanks are light and that helps when they have to be moved. After safely removing the old tank, we started to lay a concrete paving slab base for the new tank to be placed on. After the base was done and made sure it was level, it’s time to install the new tank. After putting the new tank in it’s position we had a little chat with the client and we were asked if we could hide the pipework as much as we could. We came up with an idea, running the pipework underneath the brick patio. After making sure that wouldn’t be a problem with the client we took out bricks from the patio, ran the pipework, secured it and put the bricks back. As the fuel line was connected, clean and filtered fuel was put back in the client’s oil tank.


Client was very impressed with the quick and professional work. By showing our experience and always making sure that the customer is satisfied with the work, he recommended us to his local village for any work needed.