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2500l Oil Tank Replacement

We were contacted by the customer who had a suspected oil tank leak. Our technician carried out a site visit and found the tank was indeed cracked half way up and no longer fit for purpose. A replacement was advised with the customer happily accepting.

Once the new 2500l bunded tank arrived our technicians returned for installation. Along with the new tank a new base was also to be laid in the same location to comply with regulation. A temporary tank was set up on the property and all fuel transferred while the works were carried out.

With the old tank now removed the base was pulled up and a larger area cleared, levelled and new base slabs laid. The new tank was then moved into place and connected to the existing fuel line which had been pressure tested. With everything now in place and connected the fuel is transferred from the temporary tank into the new tank. The boiler is then restarted and a new watchmen gauge installed.