2500l Oil Tank Replacement

Oil Tank Replacement Project

The potential of an oil tank leak can be disastrous for both commercial and residential properties, making it essential to ensure the proper functioning of these tanks. A customer recently contacted us with suspicions of an oil tank leak, and our technician confirmed a crack halfway up the tank, making it no longer fit for use. A replacement was recommended, and the customer agreed, leading to the commencement of a large oil tank project.

The customer opted for a new 2500L bunded tank, which was promptly delivered to the site. Our technicians returned for installation, which included laying a new base in compliance with regulations. To prevent any downtime, a temporary tank was set up on the property, and all fuel was transferred while the works were carried out.

With the old tank safely removed, the old base was excavated, and a larger area was cleared and levelled before new base slabs were laid. The new tank was moved into place and connected to the existing fuel line, which was pressure tested before connecting to the new tank. After ensuring that everything was in place and connected, the fuel was transferred from the temporary tank into the new tank. The boiler was then restarted, and a new watchmen gauge installed.

Our technicians took extra precautions to ensure that the tank replacement project was done efficiently and safely. We also offered the customer advice on proper tank maintenance and regular check-ups to prevent future leaks and ensure the tank’s longevity.

It’s worth noting that this tank replacement project was not only beneficial for the customer but also for the environment. A cracked or damaged tank can lead to oil seepage into the surrounding soil, causing groundwater pollution and other environmental issues. By replacing the damaged tank, we helped ensure that the customer’s property was protected from any potential oil leak while also preserving the environment.

In conclusion, this oil tank replacement project was a success, and the customer was happy with the outcome. Our team was able to efficiently and safely replace the old tank with a new one, ensuring that the customer’s property was protected from any potential oil leak. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the environment ensured that we provided the best possible service while maintaining compliance with all regulations.

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