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Heating Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Northampton 2021

Heating Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Northampton 2021

LV fuel Services was requested to attend site and replace an existing oil tank which has started to split. The customer requested for us to attend their address for a site survey resulting in an oil tank removal and replacement.

From the site survey we could see that the tank had split in several places, while on site we checked the existing base, checked the fuel for water contamination. At this point we found that the tank had a lot of water in the tank, due to the level of the water this had then gone through to the boiler which had cut out. We then checked the pipework into the boiler.

We then went through the options for a replacement tank and the customer decided to go with a 1400 Litre heating oil bunded tank. As we have these tanks in stock, we arranged to return the same day.

We returned to the customer that afternoon and started to pump out the water. Water removal took some time as we needed to be sure not a drop of water was left in the heating oil. Water is heavier than oil. For that reason, the fuel would be going through fuel pipes first, Into a separate tank. This process would assure that no emulsified water will accumulate in the heating oil when we transfer usable heating oil.

We transfer all the old oil into one of our holding tanks we also filtered it at this time. We disconnected the tank for the pipework and removed the old oil tank. Brought in the new tank, drained the fuel lines leading to the boiler. Then reconnected the existing pipework to the tank with a new filter unit. The tank was staying in the same place as the previous one.

Next step was to filter back usable heating oil into the new tank using water and particle filter and bleed the fuel lines to be able to restart the boiler with fresh and filtered fuel.

The customer was incredibly happy that we checked for water, otherwise the problems that could have caused later down the line for the customer was not going to be pleasant!

We decommissioned and defumed the old tank and loaded on to our vehicle. Oil tank removal took place and all tanks are brought back to our site, cleaned, washed and cut up with cold cutting tools. Old plastic oil tank went through plastics shredding machine and was turned into granules from which we can make another product.

LV Fuel Services from the day of opening has always believed in waste free operation. We have zero waste policy and 100% of all waste is being recycled and this will continue.

The moral of this job…. Always go the extra mile and check just always check!!!!


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