Oil and Metal Tank Removal from Domestic Basement in Birmingham

Oil Tank Removal

A Challenging Project

When we received the call from our customer requesting the removal of an old metal tank from the basement of a house built in 1770, we knew we were in for a challenge. The customer also asked us to decommission the old oil delivery system and remove the metal bars the tank had rested on which were corroded.

We were excited to take on this project and see what we could do to get the job done. As we arrived at the house, we quickly realized the limited space in the basement and awkward access would make this job even more difficult. However, we were determined to complete the task and provide our customer with a satisfactory outcome.

Our first task was to remove the waste oil from the tank. We had to come up with a creative solution due to the limited space and awkward access. We decided to remove the waste oil via the window. This proved to be successful and allowed us to move onto the next step.

Next, we began the process of cutting up the tank. Since we couldn’t remove it in one piece, we cut it up on site and removed it through the window as well. This was a time-consuming process, but we were able to get it done efficiently and effectively.

In addition to removing the tank, we also decommissioned the old oil delivery system and removed the metal bars that the tank had rested on. This was a critical part of the job, as leaving these items behind would have defeated the purpose of removing the tank in the first place.

After a total of five hours of hard work, we were able to complete the project within our initial quote. The customer was extremely happy with the outcome, and we were pleased to have been able to deliver on their expectations.

In conclusion, removing an old metal tank from a 250-year-old house presented us with a fascinating challenge. We were able to overcome the obstacles presented to us by using our expertise and creative problem-solving skills. At the end of the day, we were able to provide our customer with a clean and safe basement, free of an old and potentially dangerous oil tank.