Underground Fuel and Oil Tank Removal and Decommissioning

Do you have a defunct fuel tank that needs to be removed? As specialists in commercial and residential fuel tank decommissioning and removal, our team can safely and efficiently remove or decommission your underground fuel tank with minimal disruption to your site.

Decommissioning an old oil tank is a demanding, involved process, making an experienced and capable team essential. Our OFTEC trained staff specialise in decommissioning both residential and commercial tanks, including tanks installed in busy commercial and industrial sites.

We offer a range of decommissioning services, from filling your defunct oil tank with concrete or RG22 foam to completely removing the tank from your site. If you’d like to decommission an old fuel tank to replace it with a newer one, we also offer a complete decommissioning service.

In addition to underground tanks, we can also decommission and/or remove fuel tanks installed above ground.

To find out more about our fuel and oil tank installation and replacement services, please continue reading below or contact us on 0800 799 9739

Our Fuel Tank Decommissioning Process

We offer a complete, beginning to end decommissioning service for domestic, commercial and industrial fuel tanks. Our process starts by visiting your site and analysing the tank’s installation, usage history, liquids and more.

After this, we’ll produce a method statement and risk assessment outlining our approach to the tank decommissioning and/or removal process. You’ll receive a quotation for the complete tank removal or decommissioning, as well as the cleaning process if it’s required.

Our team will work efficiently to decommission and/or remove the tank with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine. We work with both domestic and commercial fuel tanks and can take care of the entire process efficiently and effectively with minimal inconvenience.

After removing the contents of your oil tank, our OFTEC trained team will clean the tank in order to completely remove traces of oil, other fuels and hazardous materials. You’ll receive a gas free certificate as well as a consignment note for any liquids removed from the tank.

Depending on the type of tank and its installation location, we use a variety of methods for the removal process. In some cases, we can remove your tank in one piece. In others, it might be necessary to use safe, effective cold cutting and spark free tools to remove the fuel tank.

We’ll also remove any other items required for your oil tank’s operation, such as plinths and any plumbing installed to support the tank.

After removing your fuel tank, we’ll dispose of via our trusted recycling partners in compliance with all relevant environmental regulations. Many tanks, particularly plastic tanks, can be 100% recycled and turned into new products.

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