Red Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning, Removal and Disposal

LV Fuel Services are among the UK’s leading red diesel fuel tank cleaning and removal companies. We specialise in removing red diesel from both domestic and commercial customers so that they are compliant with the UK’s diesel regulations. Regardless of your needs, we’re confident we can meet them – and exceed them.

Reliable red diesel removal

If you require red diesel removal in regard to your property, vehicle or machinery, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Instead, call in LV Fuel Services. Our expert team of red diesel handlers can professionally remove all red diesel, so you don’t have to.

red diesel removal

Safe red diesel fuel tank cleaning and removal

Once we’ve removed the red diesel, we’re also able to dispose of it safely and in accordance with the latest UK government guidelines. Safe working practices are our priority, and we take pride in the measures that we take to keep both you and our staff safe.

red diesel removal

Trust LV Fuel Services

If you’re wondering “who offers red diesel fuel tank cleaning and removal near me?”, look no further than LV Fuel Services. We offer removal and disposal services that are in line with the latest red diesel collection 2022 legislation.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our red diesel solutions or to learn more about our pipework flushing, fuel tank cleaning and other gas oil services. We can also remove old heating systems, boilers, tanks and more if you are looking to make the switch from red diesel to a better alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is red diesel illegal?

In the majority of cases, filling a vehicle with red diesel with the intention of use on public roads is illegal and you should avoid using it.

Is red diesel being abolished?

From 1 April 2022, all previously assumed entitlement of red diesel usage in the UK will be removed except for a few sectors.

Who can use red diesel in the UK?

From 1 April 2022, only the agricultural, non-commercial heating and rail sectors will be able to use red diesel. If you are not sure whether your business can continue using red diesel, contact the UK HM Office.

What is the penalty for using red diesel in 2022?

In 2022, taking in red diesel when you are not supposed to carry the penalty of hefty fines sitting in the realm of anywhere between £250-£500, as well as an additional £250 for using the fuel.