Heating Oil and Fuel Tank Relocation

There are numerous cases in which you’ll need to relocate your heating oil tank. You might have moved into a new property with its existing heating oil tank in a poor location on the site. Or, you might need to relocate your tank as part of a renovation or extension project.

Relocating a heating oil tank is a significant task that requires a qualified, professional team. As professionals in oil tank removal, replacement and decommissioning, we can easily relocate your existing heating oil tank on your site with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.

We work with both domestic and commercial customers, including on industrial sites. Our team is OFTEC trained and boasts decades of experience, allowing us to take care of everything from simple oil tank relocations to more complex projects.

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Why Inspect Your Oil Tank?

Like all parts of your heating system, your fuel oil tank can become worn over time, especially if it’s used heavily. On average, domestic fuel tanks lasts for up to 10 years, with maintenance an essential part of preventing leaks, microbes and other damage.

The function lifespan of commercial tanks can vary depending on the tank’s installation location, maintenance and a range of other factors.

Through regular inspections and maintenance, you can identify issues with your fuel tank before they cause damage. This can help you get a longer functional life from your fuel tank before it’s replaced or decommissioned.

Regular inspection and maintenance is also essential for reducing the risk of leaks, which affect both the environment and people that live and/or work on your property. Leaks can cause major damage to the environment and often require a costly, intensive response.

Our Heating Oil Tank Relocation Services

We offer a complete heating oil tank relocation service, meaning our team will take care of every aspect of the process. This means we’ll:

Our services are available for both domestic and commercial property owners. We work with businesses and organisations of all types and sizes, including large-scale tank installations on industrial sites.

We work with underground and above ground heating oil tanks. Depending on your needs and budget, we can recommend an optimal solution for your needs. We also offer a complete range of additional heating oil tank services, from cleaning and decommissioning to tank removal.

From the beginning of your project until the end, all heating oil tank relocation work is carried out by our team of OFTEC trained technicians.

Carry out a full on-site inspection before starting work, allowing us to prepare an efficient plan to relocate your heating oil tank with minimal disruption to your site.

Remove the existing contents of your tank and store them in a temporary holding tank, allowing us to fill your relocated tank with minimal heating oil wastage. Our team works with a range of liquids, including kerosene, red diesel and gas oil.

Carefully remove your existing tank, all with minimal damage to the surrounding area or disruption to your residential property or commercial site.

Successfully install your tank in its new location, including all connections to your home and other essential pipework. Test that your heating oil tank is working properly, making sure you have the fuel access you need to operate your heating system without interruptions.

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