Heating Oil and Fuel Oil Tank Inspection and Maintenance

Your home or commercial property’s oil tank is an essential part of keeping your building warm and comfortable during winter. Like all components of your heating system, it’s important to get your fuel oil tank regularly checked and inspected.

Regular inspection of your fuel oil tank can help you avoid breakdowns and other problems that affect your heating system. The end result is a safer and more efficient heating system that can help you save money as a homeowner or commercial building operator.

As an ISO 9001, OFTEC trained business specialising in fuel tank cleaning, removal and other services, our experienced team can carry out a thorough inspection of your fuel oil tank to make sure it’s safe and functioning properly.

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Why Inspect Your Oil Tank?

Like all parts of your heating system, your fuel oil tank can become worn over time, especially if it’s used heavily. On average, domestic fuel tanks lasts for up to 10 years, with maintenance an essential part of preventing leaks, microbes and other damage.

The function lifespan of commercial tanks can vary depending on the tank’s installation location, maintenance and a range of other factors.

Through regular inspections and maintenance, you can identify issues with your fuel tank before they cause damage. This can help you get a longer functional life from your fuel tank before it’s replaced or decommissioned.

Regular inspection and maintenance is also essential for reducing the risk of leaks, which affect both the environment and people that live and/or work on your property. Leaks can cause major damage to the environment and often require a costly, intensive response.

Our Fuel Oil Tank Inspection Process

We offer inspection services for all domestic and commercial fuel tank types, from underground heating oil tanks to oil tanks that have been completely built above ground. Our expert, OFTEC trained team can identify potential issues with your tank using a thorough inspection checklist.

From the contents of the tank itself to vent piping and more, our experienced team looks at a full range of factors to determine the condition of your heating oil tank. After the inspection, we can provide a complete summary of your heating oil tank’s condition.

If work is required on your tank, we offer a full range of other services to make sure your heating system works as it should:

Tank Cleaning:

If your fuel tank is affected by water, sludge and/or microbes, it’s vital to schedule a thorough tank cleaning as soon as possible. Our experienced team can fully clean your home or commercial property’s oil tank before refilling it with new, clean oil.

Tank Removal

If your oil tank is nearing the end of its functional life, or if your heating system has stopped working due to a faulty tank, we can remove the tank and recycle it through our trusted partners.

Tank Replacement

If your oil tank is no longer working properly and needs to be fully replaced, our OFTEC trained team can safely remove the tank and install a brand new replacement in its place.

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