Heating and Fuel Oil Tank Hire

Whether you’re replacing an old oil tank and need a place to store its contents before transfer or searching for an oil tank to power a generator or other equipment, we’re here to provide the help you need.

We offer a complete range of domestic oil tanks for hire at competitive prices. From small and portable tanks designed for residential construction equipment to storage tanks built to provide safe storage for your unused oil, we’ve got something to suit every requirement and budget.

Not sure what you need? As OFTEC trained oil tank professionals, our team can recommend the most suitable option for your needs.

Our Domestic Oil Tank Hire Services

We offer a wide range of oil tanks for hire to suit the needs of domestic customers, from storage tanks designed to store oil during tank removal or replacement projects to bunded tanks built to supply generators and other equipment.

Tanks for Oil Relocation From Tank to Tank

Are you in the process of removing an oil tank? If you’ve hired our team to remove your existing oil tank, we can provide a rental storage tank to hold any of the excess oil contained in your old tank safe and secure throughout the removal process.

Once we’ve successfully removed and replaced your old oil tank, we can transfer the oil to the replacement tank. This can help you save a significant amount of money and avoid needing to dispose of usable heating oil.

We can also store unused oil during the tank relocation process, making it quick and easy to fill your oil tank back up once it’s been moved to a new position. Our modern, efficient oil storage tanks allow us to relocate fuel from one tank to another with minimal waste.

To find out more about our fuel and oil tank installation and replacement services, please continue reading below or contact us on 0800 799 9739

Oil Storage Tanks for Generators and Other Machinery

If you’re carrying out a construction project or extension on your residential property, you might need an additional source of electricity to power equipment. Our bunded oil storage tanks are ideal for fuelling generators and allowing you or your team to operate your equipment.

We offer a wide range of oil storage tanks in different sizes, allowing you to hire an option that suits your budget and needs. Our experienced, OFTEC trained team can also recommend an optimal tank for your specific requirements, ensuring your project is simple and stress free.

Other Oil Tank Services

From tank removal to cleaning, decommissioning and more, we also offer a complete range of other oil tank services. With over 40 years of hands-on experience, we’re here to help with any domestic oil tank services you need.

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