Diesel and Kerosene Fuel Polishing and Filtering

At LV Fuel Services, we offer fuel polishing services for a range of common fuels, from gas oil to diesel, kerosene and more.

Our fuel polishing and filtering services can remove water and other contaminants from your stored fuel, improving its integrity and helping to reduce wear on your fuel tanks.

What Is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is the process of removing water and contaminants from stored fuel. Over time, water and other particles can build up inside your stored fuel. This can affect its performance and increase the risk of particles and microbes damaging your fuel storage equipment.

Many fuels start to break down fairly quickly. For example, diesel can start to become oxidised after just six months, resulting in the development of varnish. Other fuels, such as heating oil, often start to break down after 18 to 24 months of storage.

What Fuel Polishing System Do We Use?

Using advantaged equipment such as a centrifuge and modern filtration systems, our specialist fuel polishing team can carry out a complete polishing and filtration process, completely removing any particles that can affect your gas oil, diesel or kerosene supply.

Our Fuel Polishing and Filtering Services

We offer polishing and filtering services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers that store fuel oil on site. Our fuel polishing services are available for heating oil, as well as commonly used fuels such as kerosene, diesel and gas oil.

Before starting the polishing and filtering process, our team will take a sample of the fuel that’s stored inside your underground or above ground tank. Using modern equipment, our team can detect common sources of oil contamination, such as water, microbes and other particles.

Depending on your needs and the sample of your tank’s contents, we’ll recommend the most appropriate course of action. We have the capacity to handle almost all commonly used fuel types, allowing us to meet the needs of countless domestic and commercial customers.

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What Fuel Polishing Equipment Do We Use?

We use a range of modern equipment to carry out the fuel polishing and filtering process. Our team typically uses equipment such as a centrifuge to carry out the first stages of the polishing process in order to separate fuel from water and larger particles.

If necessary, your fuel can then be filtered through a range of fine filters to remove any particles and contamination. The end result is absolutely clean heating oil or other fuel, without any forms of contamination that can damage your equipment and affect fuel performance.

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