Domestic Oil Tank Cleaning Services

Having your oil tank cleaned is something you need to consider on a regular basis as over time, water, sludge and microbes can build up inside your home’s oil tank, causing a range of potential problems.

Keeping your oil tank clean is an important way to make sure it works as it should as well as avoiding contamination of your fuel, which can lead to a home heating failure.

Consult Our Oil Tank Cleaning Professionals

Don’t attempt to clean your home tank contents by yourself as it’s a potential safety hazard if you’re not a qualified technician.
Our experienced team at LV Fuel Services specialises in oil tank cleaning services, meaning your left with clean oil and a tank that’s been cleaned to the highest standards.

As ISO 9001 certified oil tank professionals we’re here to make your domestic oil tank clean a simple process.
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Why Cleaning Your Domestic Fuel Tank is Important

It is important to keep your domestic fuel and oil tanks regularly cleaned, as over time, it’s normal for water and sludge to build up inside your home’s heating oil tank. Part of this is the result of condensation — over time, the difference in temperature between your home’s oil tank and its surroundings can cause the amount of water inside to increase.

When the water from condensation combines with the fuel oil stored inside your tank, it can lead to the growth of microbes. Over time, these microbes can clog your filter and block the flow of oil out of your tank, causing your home’s heating system to fail.

Microbes can also consume the fuel oil stored in your tank, increasing your energy consumption and making your boiler less efficient.

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Regular Domestic Fuel and Oil Tank Cleaning

Depending on the type of fuel or oil tank you have at your home and the amount of cleaning required, we can use one of several different oil tank cleaning processes.

  • Pump excess water out of oil tank

If your home’s oil tank has a build-up of water content but doesn’t appear to have significant microbes, we can pump the excess water out of the bottom of the tank, restoring a normal oil level and allowing your tank and heating system to function as it should.

  • Drain contents of oil tank into storage tank

If your home’s oil tank has a significant water, sludge and microbe content, we can drain the entire contents of the tank into a storage tank. After cleaning the oil tank, we can fill your tank back up with the remaining clean, usable oil.

After a thorough cleaning, your tank and heating system will operate as efficiently as possible, helping you enjoy more reliable, effective heating.

Non-disruptive Commercial Oil Tank Cleaning Processes

LV Fuel services ensures a smooth fuel and oil tank cleaning process for domestic properties by tailoring their schedule to when suits the customer.

Our specialised equipment and trained technicians work efficiently to minimise noise and disturbance during the cleaning operation. With a focus on safety and timely execution, they guarantee a seamless and non-disruptive experience for residents.

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Oil Tank Cleaning Services At LV Fuel Services

At LV Fuel Services, we are more than happy to help with any domestic oil and fuel tank cleaning services. Our team of oil tank cleaning specialists can advise you on what cleaning you need, based on the condition of your tank. It is important to have regular oil tan cleaning, to ensure no issues with your domestic tank, and your heating system.

Get in touch with us today to book in for your oil tank cleaning.

Additional Commercial and Industrial Oil Tank Cleaning Services

At LV Fuel Services we also offer fuel and oil tank cleaning services for commercial properties and businesses.
If you have a heating oil tank that is vital for your business and needs regular fuel tank cleaning, we can ensure the tank is clean and free of any issues.

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F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a domestic oil tank cleaning process take?
Cleaning a domestic oil tank typically takes around 10-20 hours, including preparation, inspection, cleaning, drying, final checks, refilling, and clean-up. The cleaning duration depends on factors such as tank size, contamination level, and the chosen cleaning method.
How do I know if my oil tank needs cleaning?
To determine if your domestic oil tank needs cleaning, inspect the tank for signs of sediment, sludge, or contaminants, which may manifest as clogged filters, reduced fuel efficiency, or unusual odours. Additionally, routine visual inspections and monitoring fuel consumption patterns can help identify when cleaning is necessary.
Why do I need an oil tank cleaning specialist?

An oil tank cleaning specialist is essential because they possess the expertise to assess and address specific issues like sludge build-up, corrosion, and contamination in a domestic oil tank. Their specialised knowledge and equipment ensure thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of malfunctions, environmental hazards, and ensuring the oil tank’s optimal performance.

How much can I expect a domestic oil tank cleaning service to cost?
The cost to clean an oil tank varies depending on factors such as tank size, contamination level and geographical location. Generally, it can range from a few hundred pounds to serval thousands, with additional expenses for any necessary repairs or maintenance identified during the cleaning process. Consult with us today at LV Fuel Services to get an oil tank cleaning quote.
What are the signs that my domestic oil tank needs cleaning?
Signs that your domestic oil tank needs cleaning include reduced heating efficiency, clogged filters, increased sediment or sludge buildup, or unusual odours emanating from the oil tank.
Will having my domestic oil tank cleaned improve the efficiency of my heating system?
Having your domestic oil tank cleaned can indeed improve the efficiency of your heating system. Our domestic oil tank cleaning service will move accumulated sediment and debris allowing for smoother fuel flow, reducing strain on the system and enhancing overall performance, potentially leading to lower energy consumption and cost savings.