Commercial Oil and Fuel Tank Removal

We offer a full range of oil and fuel tank removal services in London, Birmingham, Manchester and nationwide for commercial and industrial customers.

We also specialise in Removing Boilers and Diesel Generators which is often part of commercial Oil Tank removal projects.

As an OFTEC trained team of oil and fuel tank professionals, we can safely reach and remove even the most challenging, difficult-to-reach commercial oil and fuel tanks without difficulties.

Our Commercial Oil and Fuel Tank Removal Service

At LV Fuel Services we offer oil and fuel tank removal for your business, in the most efficient and non-disruptive way, so your business can carry on as normal whilst we carry out the oil tank removal.

To find out more about our fuel and oil tank installation and replacement services, please continue reading below or contact us on 0800 799 9739

Commercial Oil or Fuel Tank Removal Process

Before our team can start removing your old commercial oil or fuel tank, we’ll prepare a full plan to make sure the entire tank removals process is as quick and cost-effective as possible.

– Initial oil and fuel tank assessment

Our process begins by visiting the site, photographing the area around the oil tank and reviewing the tank’s history. From here, we’ll produce a complete method statement and risk assessment for the removal project.

– Removal of any oil in your tank

Before removing your unused oil or fuel tank, our team will need to remove any remaining liquids or gases that are still inside the tank. After cleaning and degassing the fuel tank, we’ll provide you with a gas-free certificate and consignment note for any liquids removed from the tank.
If you’d like to find out more about how we safely remove oil or fuel from your tank speak to us today or visit our commercial heating oil removal page where we discuss in further detail.

– Commercial oil tank disposal

After removal, your oil tank will be disposed of in accordance with all environmental regulations through our recycling partner, allowing many of its materials to be reused for new products.
Following the cleaning, degassing and removal process, we’ll provide your business a certificate of disposal for the old, unused fuel tank.

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– Cleaning your oil tank before removal

After removing any remaining oil from your tank, our OFTEC trained team will clean the oil tank to ensure there are no hazardous, flammable substances inside before we prepare to remove the tank from your property.

– Removal of the oil tank

If your commercial oil tank is installed in an easy-to-access location, we can often remove it in one piece via excavation and crane removal. This process allows the oil tank to removed with minimal disruption to your site.

If your oil tank is installed in a location that’s difficult to access, or if you’ve subsequently built on top of the oil tank, our team may need to remove the oil tank in pieces. For safety, we’ll cut your tank using cold cutting and spark-free tools.

Replacing Or Installation Of A New Commercial Oil Tank

Depending on your needs, our oil tank specialists can install a new oil tank on your commercial or industrial property to replace an older, unused oil tank.

Local Commercial Oil Tank Specialists

At LV Fuel Services, we offer local oil and fuel tank services for commercial properties.
Contact us today to get our local team out to your property, if you need a removal of an old oil tank.

LV Fuel Services Oil and Fuel Tank Services

We also offer other commercial oil and fuel tank services, if you are after regular maintenance and cleaning of your oil tank, replacement and intsallation of an oil or fuel tank and we can also safely remove of heating oil at your commercial property.

Why Choose LV Fuel Services For Your Commercial Oil Tank Removal

LV Fuel Services have over 20 years of oil and fuel tank experience. We have carried out various challenging commercial oil tank services, including removal of large oil and fuel tanks for businesses to avoid as much disruption as possible.
Our team of professionals also offer quick and local commercial oil tank services to give our customers the services they need when they need it, even in emergencies.

Experienced ISO 9001 and PAS 43 Certified Oil Tank Specialists

As an experienced, ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certified business, we’re here to make the removal of your commercial fuel or oil tank as stress-free as possible.
To find out more about our commercial oil tank removal services, contact us on 0800 799 9739.

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F. A. Q

Oil Tank Removal FAQ’s

Can we remove of our commercial oil tank ourselves?
Removing a commercial oil tank should be handled by trained professionals due to the potential safety hazards, environmental regulations, and technical complexities involved. Removal of your commercial oil tank by yourself poses risks such as leaks, soil contamination, and legal issues. Hiring specialised professionals ensures a safe and compliant removal process.
How much does it cost to remove an oil tank from a commercial property?
The cost to remove an oil tank from a commercial property varies widely based on factors such as tank size, location, accessibility, and soil conditions. Generally, the cost can be from a few thousand pounds and could cost significantly more depending on the complexity of the comemrcial oil tank removal. Consulting with our experienced oil tank removal specialists for a site-specific assessment and cost estimate is recommended. You can refer to our oil tank services cost guide for more information however, if you want a more accurate cost contact us today or request a quote.
How long does it take to remove a commercial oil tank?
The timeframe for the removal of an oil tank from a commercial property varies, spanning from several days to a couple of weeks, contingent upon factors like tank size and the intricacies of the removal process. Opting for expert tank removal services is essential to guarantee a secure, streamlined, and compliance-oriented removal tailored to the distinctive aspects of the commercial property.
How do I know if my commercial oil tank needs removing?
Identifying the need for the removal of a commercial oil tank involves vigilant assessments for indications such as deteriorating tank conditions, potential leaks, or compliance issues. Signs like corrosion, environmental concerns, or changes in industry regulations may prompt the necessity for removal, especially if the oil tank is out of use.