Commercial Fuel and Oil Tank Installation and Replacement

Every commercial and oil tank installation has a functional lifespan, after which it needs to be replaced. The total lifespan of your commercial fuel or oil tank depends on its location, maintenance and a wide variety of other factors.

We pride ourselves on being experts in fuel and oil tank installation and replacement for commercial properties. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication to delivering top-notch services, we are the trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable solutions for their fuel storage needs.

Trained Team to Install and Replace Your Industrial and Commercial Oil or Fuel Tank

If your commercial or industrial fuel or oil tank is nearing the end of its functional lifespan, our OFTEC trained team is here to remove it and install a replacement. Our full commercial fuel tank replacement service covers the process from beginning to end, from removing your previous tank to safely installing a new one.

We’ll also safely dispose of its contents, providing you with a certificate of disposal and all other essential paperwork.

As fuel and oil tank professionals, our business is ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certified, allowing us to perform all of our services to the highest levels of quality.

To find out more about our fuel and oil tank installation and replacement services, please continue reading below or contact us on 0800 799 9739

Commercial & Industrial Fuel and Oil Tank Re-Installation

We offer a wide range of fuel and oil tanks. Depending on your needs and budget, we can recommend a model that’s suitable for your business or organisation.
After installation, your new oil tank will be covered by a six year warranty backed by OFTEC for confidence and peace of mind.

Commercial & Industrial Fuel Tank Replacement Process

No two fuel or oil tanks installations are identical, meaning our team will take a personalised approach to removing and replacing your existing fuel or oil tank.

Our process begins by understanding your requirements. Our team will visit your commercial or industrial site and review your fuel tank’s history. We’ll then create a method statement and risk assessment for the removal and replacement process.

After this, you’ll receive a detailed quotation for the removal and replacement process. Once we get to work, we’ll complete the entire process with minimal disruption to your day-to-day work processes, allowing you to run your business or organisation without any interruptions.

Commercial & Industrial Hazardous Materials (oil and fuel) Removal

Even if your old fuel or oil tank’s gauge says that it’s completely empty, it’s still possible for flammable, hazardous gases and materials to remain inside. For a safe removal and replacement process, our team will need to drain and dispose of these materials before removing the old fuel tank.

We safely dispose of all hazardous materials through a process that’s compliant with all waste disposal and environmental regulations. You’ll receive a certificate of disposal supplied for your old fuel tank, as well as a consignment note for liquids that are disposed of.

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Commercial & Industrial Fuel Tank Removal

As part of the fuel tank replacement process, we’ll need to remove your old, unused fuel tank from your site. Depending on the tank’s size and location, we’ll remove it in one piece using a range of excavation and removals equipment, or cut it into pieces for a simpler removal.

We have a range of options for commercial and industrial oil ad fuel tank removal.
Our team will review all available removal options and suggest the most cost-effective, efficient option for your site.

Commercial & Industrial Fuel and Oil Tank Replacement

After safely removing your old fuel or oil tank, our OFTEC trained team will install a new, replacement tank on your commercial or industrial site.

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