Infrequently maintained INDUSTRIAL TANKS can result in huge remediation and repair costs to restore if they result in spills and environmental cleanup costs.


We’re proud of our reputation for professional industrial fuel storage tank services.  Backed up by years of experience, we have know how and technical skills to work with any sized tank you might have.

There are a number of things that can develop over time in a tank. Some of which can take months or years to become apparent. These range from sludge and microbes  to rust and UV damage. Any one of them can result in a wide range of problems that can affect your tank’s performance and safety.

In some cases these can can result in a total failure of your fuel tank — a serious business continuity impact that can be expensive to repair and a technical challenge as well. 

As OFTEC trained fuel tank professionals, our team can check the contents of your commercial or industrial tank and, if required, carry out a full cleaning process to remove any and all water, sludge or microbes that has collected inside the Industrial tank.

Caring for your Industrial Fuel Tank

One of the most common causes of problems with Industrial Fuel Tanks is condensation.

This causes a water build up inside your industrial fuel tank over the course of several months or years. Although this is a common process, it can contribute to extra wear and tear on your fuel tank that affects its performance and shortens its useful life.

Quite frequently, this buildup causes microbes to grow inside the fuel that’s stored inside your tank. And excessive amounts of microbes in ana industrial tank results in clogged filters inside your fuel tank becoming clogged, leading to significant boiler performance issues as an example.

These microbes also feast on the fuel oil inside your tank, affecting the total amount of fuel oil that’s available.

Our Industrial fuel tank services allow you to take quick action in cases like this which helps you avoid losses, breakdowns, inefficiencies and therefore save you money.

Our other Industrial Tank Processes

As professionals in this field, our OFTEC trained team can serve all your Industrial tank requirements from completing a full cleaning process to full DECOMMISSIONING with Foam Filling or Concrete filling.

We start either process by removing unwanted substances from your tank before decommissioning. Our team start with a detailed site analysis before taking action, ensuring you’ll have a full RAMS (risk assessment and method statement). 

Our comprehensive decommissioning process means that you remain compliant and after completing the process, we’ll safely dispose of any waste materials in compliance with all environmental regulations. Our entire process is planned to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day processes, allowing you to easily run your business without interruptions.

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