Do you have an old, unused underground oil tank that you’d like to remove from your home or commercial property? Our experienced team can safely and efficiently remove your existing oil tank, helping you to improve safety and increase your property’s marketability.

From leak prevention to preparing your home for sale, there are several reasons to remove an underground oil tank. As specialists in tank removal, we can remove underground oil tanks of any type or size, from compact residential oil tanks to large commercial and industrial tanks.

Located close to Oxford in Bloxham, our team can travel directly to your home, commercial or industrial location in the Oxford area.

Our removal process is both cost effective and environmentally friendly, with many of the parts in your oil tank able to be recycled. To learn more about our underground oil/fuel tank removal services, please contact us now or continue reading below.

We Remove Both Residential and Commercial Oil Tanks

Whether your oil tank is located underground near your home or on a commercial site, our team can locate and remove it with ease. We remove all types of oil tanks, from small tanks used for homes and other residential properties to larger tanks built for commercial and industrial sites.

We use a thorough, complete process to safely and efficiently remove your oil tank, all while minimising the risk of damage to your soil and site. Our process starts with draining your oil tank’s contents before dismantling the tank and its pipework.

From here, our team can safely remove your underground oil tank. Depending on your needs, we can either dispose of your existing oil tank without replacing it or install a replacement tank for your property.

After we’ve removed your existing oil tank, our experienced team will disassemble it piece by piece and carry out the disposal process. Many of the parts and materials used in your oil tank can be recycled, allowing our team to minimise your environmental impact.

In addition to underground oil tank removal, we also offer above ground, home/domestic and commercial oil tank removal for customers located in Oxford and the surrounding area.

Why It’s Important to Remove Your Old Oil Tank

There are several reasons to remove your old oil tank, from the need for replacement to lack of use. Below, we’ve listed some of the biggest benefits of removing your underground oil tank if it begins to show signs of wear, damage or leaking:

  • Better safety. Old, leaking oil tanks can pose a range of safety risks, from an increased risk of fire to health issues caused by vapours. Underground oil tanks can also create a safety risk if you plan to renovate, extend or modify your existing home.
  • Improved ease of selling your property. Many homebuyers are hesitant to buy homes with old, in-need-of-removal oil tanks, making it harder to sell your home if you choose not to have your existing oil tank removed.
  • Better property sales prices. If you’re planning to put your home on the market in the near future, it’s usually best to remove your existing oil tank beforehand for a greater sales prices and more appealing listing.
  • Improved insurance deals. Many homeowner’s insurance policies do not include any coverage for leaking or damaged oil tanks, resulting in significant non-insured costs if your tank develops a leak and causes damage to the surrounding area.

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Is it time to remove and replace your home’s oil tank? With a 100% satisfaction rating from our existing customers, a quick turnaround time and affordable pricing, our team can remove your underground oil tank with ease.

In addition to underground oil tanks, we also provide removal and installation services for above ground, home/domestic and commercial oil tanks. As specialists in oil tank removal, our expert team has helped a range of residential, commercial and industrial customers in Oxford.

For more information about our services or to request a quote for your property, please contact us now.

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