Does your home or commercial property have an underground oil tank? Old, unused oil tanks can pose a safety risk, making it important that you have them removed if you plan to renovate or sell your property.

As specialists in oil tank removal, we can remove even the deepest underground oil tank from your home or commercial property. Our expert team has completed hundreds of tank removals and can safely and efficiently remove oil and fuel tanks of any type and size.

Conveniently located in Bloxham, we can travel to your home, commercial location or industrial site in the Coventry area.

From saving money on your insurance to making your property more appealing for a potential buyer, removing an old, underground oil tank has numerous benefits. To learn more about our services, please contact us now or continue reading below.

We Can Remove All Domestic or Commercial Oil Tanks

With decades of experience, our team specialises in removing both above and below-ground oil tanks of all types and sizes.

Our safe and efficient oil tank removal process covers every step of the process, from draining your oil tank’s contents for storage in a holding tank to disconnecting pipework, removing your old tank, dismantling the existing oil tank and more.

If you need to replace your old oil tank with a new model, we can carry out a full installation and even pump back in the existing oil.

In addition to underground oil tank removal, we also offer removal services for above ground, home/domestic and commercial oil tanks. Our experienced team can even carry out a full oil tank removal and replacement on an efficient schedule, all to minimise inconvenience.

We can remove, replace and/or dispose of oil tanks of all sizes, from small residential tanks to a complete range of large oil tanks used for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes From start to finish, our tank removal process is 100% eco-friendly, with many existing parts recycled.


Why Should You Remove Your Old Underground Oil Tank?

From preventing leaks and reducing your risk of an oil-related fire to increasing your home’s value prior to sale, there are numerous reasons to remove your old underground oil tank:

  • Simplify the selling process. Are you thinking of selling your property? Many buyers will only want to purchase your home if the existing underground oil tank has been removed, making it worth removing it before sale to maximise your audience of potential buyers.
  • Improved sales prices. Because removing and disposing of an old underground oil tank is a nuisance for homebuyers, you’ll generally be able to achieve a higher sales price by having your existing oil tank removed before putting your home on the market.
  • Reduced fire, leak and damage risks. Over time, oil tanks can develop leaks, affecting the soil around your property. Older tanks can also pose a fire risk, making it important that you have your old, unused underground tank safely removed and disposed of.
  • Cheaper, easier insurance. Many insurers will provide higher rates if your home has an underground oil tank, allowing you to save money on your insurance and gain access to a larger range of policy options by removing and disposing of your old underground tank.

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With a quick turnaround time, 100% customer satisfaction rating and wallet-friendly pricing, our experienced and professional team can make removing, disposing of and replacing your old oil tank a breeze.

From above ground tanks to deep underground installations, we can remove and dispose of all types of residential or commercial oil tank. Our experienced team has helped a large range of customers throughout the Coventry area.

For more information about our services or to request a quote for your property, please contact us now.

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