Is it time to remove your home or commercial property’s oil tank? Whether you’re dealing with a leak or simply switching to a new heating system, removing your oil tank is something that most home and commercial property owners will need to do at some point.

As specialists in oil tank removal, we’ve efficiently and safely removed hundreds of boilers from homes, places of business and industrial sites in the Gloucester area, all while causing minimal disturbance for homes and businesses.

Our OFTEC registered and certified team can remove any oil tank, from underground tanks to above ground tanks installed inside your building. We work on both residential and commercial oil and fuel tanks, from small oil tanks to large installations.

In addition to oil tank removal, our team can also replace your existing oil tank with a new model to deal with leaks and other common issues.

From reducing your insurance costs to helping you avoid costly leaks, our tank removal services can have a wide range of benefits for you as a property owner. To learn more about our services or request a quote, please contact us now or continue reading below.

We Remove Domestic and Commercial Oil Tanks of All Sizes

Our OFTEC registered and certified team can remove any oil tank, from a small underground tank installed beneath your yard to a large commercial tank installed in the basement of your building.

As specialists in oil tank removal, we’ve established a safe, efficient and proven process for removing your oil tank. Our process begins with a complete drain of your oil tank, helping to remove any leftover oil and other contents that often fail to display on an external gauge.

Once we’ve finished draining your tank, our experienced team can remove the tank from your property. Many of the raw materials used in your oil tank can be recycled through our recycling partner, allowing you to minimise your environmental impact.

We can also recycle some or all of the unused oil in your tank. Often, a large percentage of the unused heating oil left in your tank can be converted into usable fuel at a refinery.

After your tank is removed, our team can convert the unused area into free space for you to use as required, or — in the case of an outdoor, underground tank — fill the excavated area. We can also, if required, provide a replacement tank in the event your tank was replaced due to wear.

Why Removing Your Unused Oil Tank is So Important

If you have an unused oil tank on your property, it’s important to have it professionally removed as soon as possible. Old, unused oil tanks can lead to leaks and damage to your soil, affecting your property’s desirability and value. Benefits of removing your unused oil tank include:

  • A more appealing property. If you plan to sell your property in the future, removing any old, unused oil tanks can make it a more appealing purchase for buyers, helping you to reach a larger audience of prospective customers.
  • An improved property value. As oil-based heating systems are rarely used today, having your property’s oil tank removed can increase your property value and make it easier to achieve your desired sale price.
  • Fewer fire and safety risks. Even if your oil tank’s gauge says it’s empty, it’s still possible for the contents to pose a fire risk. The contents of your tank can also spill out into your yard, potentially damaging the soil and surrounding area.
  • Cheaper insurance. Many home insurance policies do not include coverage for damage caused by a leaking or worn oil tank, meaning you might need to spend more to ensure you’re covered if you decide not to remove your unused oil tank.

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Our OFTEC registered and certified team can remove your old, unused oil tank quickly, safely and efficiently, letting you focus on enjoying your life or running your business while we work in the background.

We offer a complete range of oil tank removal services, from domestic and commercial oil tank removal to above ground oil tank removal, underground oil tank removal and more. Our expert team has successfully removed tanks from a wide range of different properties and locations.

Conveniently located less than one hour from most locations in Gloucester, our experienced oil tank removal team can travel to your residential, commercial or industrial site to provide friendly, efficient and effective service.

For more information about our services or to request a quote for your property, please contact us now.

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