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Commercial Oil and Fuel Tank Removal

When it’s time to remove decommissioned oil and fuel tanks from your premises, safety is of paramount importance. The last thing anyone wants is for there to be an incident any waste or residual fuel that might cause property damage or injury.

That’s why our team are entirely OFTEC trained, allowing us to provide you with a tank removal service that you can be certain takes all due care against hazardous and flammable substances. We can handle any residual fuel still contained within the tank before we set about removing it.

Industrial and Commercial Tank Removal

We fully understand the complexities of working within commercial and industrial settings. We’re no strangers to working in active commercial premises or on busy industrial sites, and we will ensure that we remove the defunct tank in a way that minimises disruption.

That said, we’re aware that no two tanks removals are alike. Fuel tanks sometimes end up in difficult places, as businesses grow around them.

Smaller tanks will need less equipment to remove than those that hold hundreds of gallons. These larger tanks might need larger scale operations and hot works permits to fully remove.

When these circumstances occur, we will work with your team to ensure that there are no undue hold-ups, all while ensuring that the tank is removed as efficiently are carefully as possible. Giving us correct information about the tank when you call us can means we can allocate the right equipment and transportation to the task and minimise potential holdups.


All fuel tanks that we dispose of are processed and recycled under strict environmental safeguards.

We have the capability to handle fuel tanks that have held:

·         Red Diesel

·         Diesel

·         Kerosene

·         Carbon Offset Red Diesel

·         Industrial Heating Oil

Commercial Oil Tank Removal
Commercial Oil Tank Removal

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Contact one of our team today to find out how we can help with our fuel removal services.

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Contact one of our team today to find out how we can help with our fuel removal services.