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Commercial Waste Fuel & Heating Oil Removal

Specialists in Red Diesel Removal

Our commercial heating oil storage tank removal team are all OFTEC trained. We’ve designed our service to help businesses safely and responsibly drain and dispose of unwanted ‘waste’ fuel and heating oil that they may have on their premises – and we can also remove and recycle the tank.

We’ve built up many years of experience working with commercial and industrial clients in a range of sectors, so we know how to drain and remove these tanks without causing undue disruption no matter the venue.

Hazardous Substances

Given the hazardous nature of these fuels, their draining and disposal must be done correctly and in accordance with all relevant environmental regulations and law. Our team can do the whole job for you, from site surveys on to the complete removal of the tank and its contents.


Once we’ve collected the waste oil, fuel, and/or lubricants, we deliver it to a refinery which reprocesses it under strong environmental safeguards in order to responsibly recycle and put it back on the market for further use.

We have the capability to handle:

  • Red Diesel
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Carbon Offset Red Diesel
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Lubricants

Fuel Transfer Services

If you require fuel to be transferred from one storage tank to another for from a vehicle to another vehicle then our team can deal with this for you. Our vehicles have all the required equipment to deal with the transfer of any type of fuel and oil from one place to another, from red diesel, gas, oil and lubricants.

Tank Removal

As well as our storage tank removal services, we can also handle drain and removal for red diesel and oil generator tanks.

Commercial Waste Oil & Fuel Removal

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Contact one of our team today to find out how we can help with our fuel removal services.

Get A Quote

Contact one of our team today to find out how we can help with our fuel removal services.